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 Chocolate Notes serves to delight our customers with chocolates not only to satisfy your taste buds but to bring across your personalised messages and thoughts to the people that matters! 

Our chocolates come in various sizes, shapes and graphics embossed. Each piece of our chocolate has its own meaning and has one main purpose - to bring across "sweet" messages to your loved ones and friends or your customers.

Every day we interact with people we care and concern by communicating with them verbally or through texting, writing a note on paper or card. Have you thought about leaving a note with chocolates?

This is our concept, we like to inject more fun and cool way in which we consume chocolates, to create a completely unique way for everyone to be able to express their thoughts through chocolates!

Besides our standard design chocolates, like birthday, farewell, anniversary etc. we let you stretch your own imagination by personalizing your own piece of one and only chocolate! Just send in your graphics, text or your favorite photo, we will come out with design for your chocolate. How cool is that? Best of all, we use only premium Belgian chocolate, no sugar icing or transfer sheets and no filling, no alcohol are used.

We constantly roll our new designs for every seasonal like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Teacher's day etc. Getting a gift has never been so easy and fun.

Aside from our seasonal products, we cater to wedding favors, corporate gifts, bakery or any bulk customised orders. Choose from our various packaging or customise them or simply let us propose you options based on the event or occasion. We cater for every budget. No job is too small for us! 

On top of all, beautiful chocolate demands great taste.

We use only premium quality Belgian chocolate.

Our dark chocolate is mildly bitter and aromatic with creamy texture

Our milk chocolate has balanced milk, cocoa and caramel taste

Our white chocolate is made with 100% pure cocoa butter, a selection of premium milk powders, fine sugar and a touch of pure vanilla with subtle caramel touches.

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